In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...

In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...

Christofer + Victoria | Engaged | Bristol, Rhode Island

When Chris reached out and said that he was going to be planning a surprise proposal for Victoria, I was so incredibly excited. He had reached out to me because I went to college with his brother, Christian, who now lives in Boston as a Graphic Designer. Chris Was open to suggestion, but really wanted to propose to Victoria near the water. Since my sister lives right in Bristol, Rhode Island, I of course suggested Colt State Park. I’ve photographed there quite a few times now and feel very familiar with it. I have so many wonderful places there that I love to shoot, and once it was decided Kris and I started to work out all the fine details!

Once Chris and I decided on an arrival time and location, I got into position. The idea was that I would be someone who was taking nature photos. Now, I had my doubts. It had been raining ALL DAY and I was very concerned that we would get rained out. I watched the weather like a hawk for three days, until I FINALLY say that there would be a break at the EXACT TIME we were planning the proposal! It. Was. FATE! I was fully decked out in my rain gear, and began walking around the bike path taking photos and looking engrossed in what I was doing. When they arrived I snapped away at my plants and trees, until they walked right past me, then it was ON!

Watching Chris propose to Victoria was one of the most amazing moments I was able to witness as a photographer. She had NO idea it was coming, and when Chris went onto one knee, the tears started to flow! After the emotions calmed, but euphoria continued, I took some portraits of these two. Because their engagement was so new and exciting, I was able to get some of the most intimate and romantic portraits ever. In true Colt State fashion, the clouds began to clear and make way for a warm orange sunset, complete with boats and birds in the horizon line. It was as if Mother Nature was celebrating right along with them.

It was incredible.

Here are my favorites from their AMAZING Proposal and Spark Session!

I loved working with you guys so much!!! CONGRATULATIONS and thank you for asking me to be a part of it!

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