In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...

In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...

Ashley + Dave | Engaged | Rosedale Farm & Vineyards, Simsbury Connecticut

When I first met Ashley I felt an instant connection to her. She has a beautifully kind heart, and is incredibly sweet and always smiling. We immediately hit it off and from the get go made plans on working together. I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting Dave until the day of their Spark Session! Knowing Ashley individually before meeting Dave, then seeing them together, I can honestly say that Ashley transforms into the absolute best version of herself – which is hard to image because she’s already so wonderful! 😊

For their shoot they chose Rosedale Farm & Vineyards, which is located in Simsbury, Connecticut. I would 100% recommend this wonderful local business for your native produce, wine, and even a potential wedding venue! They have a lovely tent, perfect for a summer wedding, and extensive property with fruit trees, corn, flowers, and of course, amazing grapevines. There wasn’t a bad location to take photos here, and it of course it helps that I had a couple to work with who are madly in love!

Ashley + Dave are fun, and full of laughter, and feeds off of one another’s joy. They have a special connection that is magnetic when they are together, and is felt by everyone around them. They are adventurous, and 100% trusting, which make them such joy for me to direct and photograph. It didn’t matter if I asked them to step into the cornfield, or encourage them to go barefoot in the sand, they were truly up for anything! That trust resulted in a unique set of images that these two will hopefully treasure forever!

Here are my favorites from their beautiful Spark Session!

Your wedding is going to be nothing but amazing! I can’t even wait!!!

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