In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...

In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...

For all the mama photogs out there…

Hey mama’s (And maybe papa’s too!) I thought it may be helpful to offer some fun and practical tips for you guys when you’re taking photos of your little ones. Ready, Set, GO!

1. Get on THEIR level! No, seriously! Bend down and sit on the floor or the ground. Its only dirt and if you’re a parent I am SURE you’ve sat in much worse. Or maybe that’s just me… It’ll give your photographs a nice perspective, rather than the birds eye view. Trust me, NO ONE looks good at that angle. You can always bring one of those stadium cushions. (Just sayin’)

2. Get uncomfortably close! You don’t want your kids to look like ants floating in the atmosphere! You bought a camera with a little zoom, well bust it out and use it! And if your camera doesn’t zoom that much do what I like to call ‘The Sneaker Zoom’. Walk closer to your subject. I know it looks and feels odd, but believe me, your blank living room wall that is screaming for nice photographs will thank you.

3. See the light! No really, don’t go shooting at noon in August. That’s what we call ‘Top Light’ and your kids will basically look like they are in the interrogation room on an episode of Law and Order. Don’t do that to them. They’re just children. (Honestly!) Try going out just after breakfast or after dinner. The morning light or evening light are beautiful and have a nice warmth to them. Perfect for creating a narrative of sunshine days of childhood.

4. Turn that flash OFF! Would you want someone shining a bright light in your eyes?! NO! Your kids don’t either. Go flashless. And if its too dark, open the blinds, turn on some lights (and also move closer to the light source), and if that STILL isn’t working just take the party outside. It’ll be a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I promise!

5. Anticipate the shot! Most likely you don’t have a fancy-shmancy camera. My bet is 95% of the time you’re using your phone. Well folks, I do the same thing. If you’re like me I’m sure at one point or another you’ve experienced what we call ‘Shutter Lag’. You push the button then the camera takes forever to focus the shot then you miss it. Well, try and push that button just a bit earlier. And if it ends up being bad, well then its bad. Try again! So much easier with digital!

6. Get on the grid! That box looking tic-tac-toe thing! Its called a Grid. If you have an option to turn it on, use it! It helps you line things up like the horizon line or heads. We have this thing in photography called ‘The Rule of Thirds’. AKA Don’t put stuff in the middle unless you’re going for the drivers license or passport photo look. (No judgement if that’s your creative style!)

7. Don’t forget the games! Kid shoots should be fun. Help your subject matter relax by giving them something fun to do! You’ll be able to get their little personalities at their best. So go ahead, bring the ball outside and play a little with them. I am sure they’ll be more likely to remember you playing ball with them than taking photos. (Unless you’re me of course… )
Have fun, enjoy your children,  and if need be chase them with your camera. Someday they’ll understand when they do the same thing to their own kids. – Trish

The lovely miss Sarah
He wasn’t happy, but its still a fun photo! I’ll cherish it always….
Aweee! Sibling love!

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