In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...

In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...

Avery is Two

Sometimes there are images I create that evoke an indescribable feeling in my heart. These are the images that I have the hardest time explaining how they make me feel when people ask. They are the ones I can’t stop smiling about throughout the day. The ones I wish the editing didn’t have to end. The ones that I feel how much happiness is in my soul when I look at them. That I am reliving the moment for the first time when I see them.

These do that for me.

Avery turned 2 recently. We weren’t going to have a party because we have been very busy with life in general and just wanted to have a little break. I am glad that we were able to put our own exhaustion aside so we could have this little gathering, so those who love her could celebrate her.

We had a small cake for her on her actual birthday, and unlike last year she was able to interact just a bit more…



That weekend we had a small impromptu party that we literally decided on a Wednesday to have it that Saturday – and it was perfect.2014-05-30_00202014-05-30_00212014-05-30_00222014-05-30_00232014-05-30_00562014-05-30_00572014-05-30_00252014-05-30_00262014-05-30_00272014-05-30_00282014-05-30_00292014-05-30_00302014-05-30_00312014-05-30_00322014-05-30_00582014-05-30_00592014-05-30_0034

2014-05-30_00602014-05-30_0061And a very happy birthday to my father-in-law, Roger! 2014-05-30_00622014-05-30_00372014-05-30_00632014-05-30_00392014-05-30_00402014-05-30_00412014-05-30_00422014-05-30_00432014-05-30_00442014-05-30_00452014-05-30_00462014-05-30_00472014-05-30_00482014-05-30_00492014-05-30_0050Aaannndddd this is how Eric feels about me trying to explain how to use my camera to someone so they can take a family photo of us. 🙂 2014-05-30_0051Now, see! The lesson was worth it. 2014-05-30_0052

I wish these moments could last forever.

Happy birthday to our Little Little. We love you so much. xoxo

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