In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...

In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...

Ashley + Justin | Engaged

I met Ashley + Justin at the Springfield Bridal Expo last year. They had emailed me shortly after and said they had loved my booth and chatting and wanted to know if I could set up a consultation with them. The day we were both able to meet on? Valentines Day! It must have been a sign! Love was in the air, and the rest is history!

Ashley had a very specific vision for their Spark session. She wanted something timeless, classic, and romantic. She was also hoping for ocean (if possible), and even better if we can find a castle. Well, it took a lot of discussion, but in the end, we decided on Colt State Park, one of my favorite places to photograph in Bristol, Rhode Island. Ashley also wanted a more lifestyle shoot so I had suggested we go to the downtown Bristol area and walk along the pier with some ice cream. It really was picture perfect. Ashley and Justin have a great sense of style. They out a lot of thought into their outfits and against the amazing backdrop of the sky everything balanced out so beautifully.

We were photographing away when all of a sudden it began to rain out of nowhere. I remember thinking ‘we came all this way, we will wait it out and it’ll be fine.’ Justin asked me ‘Is the rain good for anything in photography?’. At the time, it was a downpour so I responded ‘Not really!’. But looking at the sky there were areas where the sun was trying to come through. When I saw a break in the rain, we’d drive over to where it was and start to shoot. Ashley and Justin were only to happy to run across open fields to get to the perfect spot in the rain. Cap that off with a beautiful marina walk, and this shoot was nothing short of perfect. In fact, their collection will be published next month on The Westchester Wedding Planner Blog! Stay tuned for that!!

Here are my favorites from their unforgettable Bristol, Rhode Island Spark Session.


Can’t wait for your wedding this fall!! 🙂 <3 xoxoxo

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