In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...

In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...


Thanksgiving for me is always a time of relaxation. A time for family, and a time to eat, visit, and hopefully take a nap. Once Peyton and Avery came into the picture, things changed. They’re active and always into something, which can be kind of exhausting at family get togethers, especially when the home we are going to isn’t baby proofed. Below are examples of scenarios we’ve experienced before:

Peyton! Stop trying to drink that – no no! It’s Bleach! Bad! Poison!


Aveerrryyyy! Stop chewing on those electrical wires! You’ll get electrocuted!

Luckily for us, there were a lot of adults and distractions which made the day easier, and we only had to take Avery off the stairs about 4 or 5 times. The kids had a blast and it was nice to just be with the family. And wouldn’t you know… Peyton even ate a few bites too.2013-12-03_00012013-12-03_00022013-12-03_00032013-12-03_0004My cousin Josh likes to make his own homemade wine! Yum!2013-12-03_00052013-12-03_00062013-12-03_00072013-12-03_00082013-12-03_00092013-12-03_00102013-12-03_00112013-12-03_00122013-12-03_0013The kids love the instruments at nana and grandpa’s…. 🙂2013-12-03_0014

There are always great memories to be made at the cabin.2013-12-03_00152013-12-03_00162013-12-03_00172013-12-03_00182013-12-03_00192013-12-03_00202013-12-03_0021We have this thing we do at thanksgiving, we all go around the table and say what we are thankful for. Right when it came time for my mom to go, Peyton and Avery both ran up to my mom and wanted to sit with her. It was magic.2013-12-03_00222013-12-03_00232013-12-03_00242013-12-03_0025


In addition to all the wonderful desserts we always have, we also do a birthday cake for my cousin, Olivia! It’s kinda a tradition. This year was an important one too! Sweet 16! 🙂2013-12-03_00262013-12-03_00282013-12-03_00292013-12-03_00302013-12-03_0031I have many many things to be thankful for this year. It was a great day, and it has been a great year. xoxo

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