In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...

In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...

Family Sledding

It was one of those days where it was SO cold out you can feel it in your bones. We woke up to -15 temperatures with a daytime high of about 25. If the snow hadn’t been so beautiful then we wouldn’t have even considered it, but we just had to get out. I’ll admit, I was the one on the couch saying ‘It’s too cold out, I don’t want to go!’. But I knew if we didn’t get some energy out of these two then they’d have another night of being up constantly because they didn’t get it out of their systems during the day. We headed over to Litwin School for the coolest hill around! It gave us the perfect afternoon view of the setting sun. When we arrived, we were the only ones. We had the entire hill to ourselves. Made for some perfect winter family time and against the backdrop of the setting sun, it was an evening with my family I will never forget.

2014-01-05_00012014-01-05_00022014-01-05_00032014-01-05_00042014-01-05_00052014-01-05_00062014-01-05_0007Every time I look at this series I laugh so hard my stomach hurts! hahaha!2014-01-05_00082014-01-05_00092014-01-05_00102014-01-05_00112014-01-05_00122014-01-05_00132014-01-05_00142014-01-05_0015Think he had fun or what?!2014-01-05_00162014-01-05_00172014-01-05_00182014-01-05_00192014-01-05_00202014-01-05_00212014-01-05_0022Gotta have a snow selfie with my love.. 🙂 2014-01-05_0023What a nice surprise of an evening. After that we hit our favorite spot – Red Robin. Complete with a stop at Toys R Us to use a gift certificate, and I can’t imagine my kids could ever be disappointed with that kind of afternoon.

Black Sled : Ace Hardware

Inflatable Sled : An AWESOME gift from my brother! It works AMAZING! Toys R Us

If you like what you see, and you’d like to get some great winter photos of your family, why not book a Mini Kindred Session! I’ll bring the hot chocolate and we’ll make an afternoon of it!

Stay warm all! 🙂

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