In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...

In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...

Day 2 – Getting there is half the fun!

After an interesting nights stay in the Homewood Suites in Alexandria we are wondering if we made he right kind of travel plans. It’s been stressful. We arrived at the hotel at 2am after hitting all kinds of traffic, detours, making numerous pit stops, and a few poopie diaper false alarms. Peyton only slept two hours out of a 10 hour trip. He’s so much like me in that sense. He can’t seem to power down and just relax. After finally getting everyone settled at about 3:45am Peyton woke up an hour later at 4:45am to what seemed to be a panic attack because he didn’t know where he was. He also needed I go to the bathroom but wouldn’t. He knew he shouldn’t go in his pants but was ok scared to go in the big potty. We tried to calm everyone down but it was too late. We were up and most likely upsetting everyone around us with two screaming babies. (Oops! Sorry!)


5 am! Lets party!

We knew would be interesting to be potty training and going on this trip. We just didn’t know how interesting. Who would’ve thought that something as simple as the way the big potty looked would inhibit a toddler from going to the bathroom. After listening to Peyton say PeePee, PooPoo, or Potty all with no result of defecation, we got in the car and drove to Target (my hang out) to buy him the same little potty he already has at home. Of course we’re kicking ourselves now because we had it packed and ready to go but thought ‘no, he’ll be fine. he’s peed in the big potty at home no problem!’ and left it by the door. Lesson learned. Pack the little potty web in the kids of training! No sooner did Eric walk out with the new Target little potty Peyton said PeePee again. We found the closest parking lot, which happened to be a Toys “R” Us parking lot, and made a mini bathroom for him in the back of the car. Right then and there we had success. (Thank you Virginia! Babies “R” Us!)

File:Target logo.svg

After the potty adventure, we found a Starbucks, went to the hotel an re-packed the car, we went to the Lorton Auto Train station. We are so excited to get down there be because It’s been such a long time in the making. Unfortunately 2 hours of sleep in 48 hours has left us all exhausted, stressed, and impatient. So we waited. And waited. Two and a half long hours before we could board the train. By now I am a zombie.

They finally called everyone to board. I am dropping bags, chasing children, and I am feeling like I should charge admission because everyone is watching me and the chaos cloud that is surrounding us. We were the last ones out I the station as we made our way down the platform. We were in the last room of the last car on the train. Holy cow, what a trek. Still dropping bags along the way.


We would be all the way at the end with all this baby stuff to carry and drop along the way.
Tired boy…


Our accommodations! Eric looks like sloth in this picture from the panorama mode! lol!
Traveling along, peace at last.

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