In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...

In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...

Day 10 – I just wanna go home!


After some great advice and Peyton’s doctor we regrouped and moved down the highway into the Georgia night. It wasn’t long until we hit South Carolina. I started to get really tired around 1am so Eric and I switched drivers. We went to a gas station, again, I changed Avery, we gave Peyton a sip of ginger ale, and since things were okay we got back on the road. In between all of this of course is children sleeping and then as soon as the car would start to go they would wake up screaming wondering what was happening. Lots of drama and trauma to them this trip.

It was somewhere after Charleston when all of a sudden I heard a roaring fart come from the backseat. Turns out this time it was Avery. Remembering the raw diaper rash she had I knew we had to change her right away. So Eric pulled off the first exit that we found. Turns out it was nice suburban town that had not a single thing open in it. We saw some cops parked under gas station awning that had its lights on. As we drove up to talk to them and find out if anything was open they immediately sped off. I had no idea my white Traverse was so intimidating to people, especially cops. After doing a few more drive-bys up and down the same road still looking for something open we went back to that very same gas station. We made an executive decision to change Avery right then and there rain pouring down at all.

Once she was all set and the meltdowns had culminated Eric moved ahead. By now it was 2:30am and we were all exhausted. Things went relatively smoothly. About 5am or so he was ready for break. We talked for an hour because that’s how long it took to find a good and safe rest stop. At that point the kids got changed and Avery was fed, Peyton just ginger ale, and by 645am we were back on the road. After driving so long in those dark southern states it was great to get into a more populated area of Richmond. As the sun came up over DC we were relieved to see some familiarity. About 8:45am we stopped at a rest stop and got some breakfast. I hadn’t eaten solid food in maybe 3 days, so I was a little scared about what could happen. Luckily I was okay. Thank god.

For the rest of the trip home I was pretty much incoherent. All I knew was that we kept moving forward, keeping our eye on the prize – home, getting them healthy, getting them rested, and getting them happy. Throw in about 4 more diaper changes (all diarrhea), numerous breakdowns, screaming fits so loud I am still hearing ringing in my ears, and we were home. I pulled in the garage, closed the door, shutting out the outside world all while prioritizing what was most important: baths, BRAT diet, and sleep. I had been awake for 48 hours. I could feel my legs and arms shaking from exhaustion and hands cramping from holding the steering wheel. When I laid down in my bed I felt my whole body sink into the mattress. We made it.

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