In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...

In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...

Casey + Lora | Married | Camp Bonnie Brae, East Otis, Massachusetts

When I first met Casey + Lora and heard all about their plans, I couldn’t wait to be their photographer. They chose to hold their wedding at Camp Bonnie Brae in East Otis, Massachusetts, which is a girl scout camp! I had attended it once when I was a girl scout myself, so being up there was like a walk down memory lane! These two had a very specific vision for their day. Their goal was to bring everyone together to the camp, and slow life down in order to spend more quality time with those who mean so much to them. The result was an amazing celebration for a wonderful couple.

There were so many things that I just LOVED about Casey + Lora’s day. For starters they involved their rescue pup, Scout, throughout their wedding. As a pup lover myself, I wouldn’t have had it any other way! Most of the day Scout was relaxed and at ease offering a calming presence for anyone who around her. I can easily see based on her sweet demeanor why they fell in love with her, and also why it was an important for them to have their fur baby present.

Casey + Lora chose bright colors for accents in their details, flowers, and other aspects of their day. Those choices resounded with the energy, joy, and emotions that encompassed their wedding. I love how kind and lighthearted everyone was. So welcoming, and helpful. And most of all, I loved how they took the weather on their day in complete stride. As you may be able to tell, their day was a complete monsoon wash out. Whatever the case may be, you can see from the bright smiles on their face, and happiness in their eyes, whatever may be happening outside their doorstep, nothing was going to take away from their joy on their wedding day.

Of all the heartfelt moments, the one that I loved the most was doing their giant group photo towards the end of the night. We called everyone to the dance floor, and I yelled ‘LOVE WINS!’ and we all cheered. It was important to me, because in that moment I felt the pure happiness in the room for this couple, and everyone in attendance. I left their day, with my entire body soaked through, but felt the most amazing warmth and joy throughout my soul. It was so incredibly special to be able to have even the smallest role in their day. I will never forget it.

Here are my favorites from their rainy but AMAZING day!



I ADORED working with all of you, and getting to know all of your friends and family. Cheers to you both and happily ever after!

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