In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...

In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...

Casandra + Chris | Married | The Lord Jeffery Inn, Amherst Massachusetts

Casandra + Chris had such an incredibly romantic winter wedding, it would entice anyone to think twice about a December wedding. Being able to photograph these two beautiful souls who are so kind and thoughtful was such a wonderful experience. Besides, anyone who loves Harry Potter is totally fine by me! (Check out his cufflinks!) 😁

Something that really struck me from a photography standpoint about these two, was how conscientious they were about prioritizing their photography based on lighting, and choosing tones that will complement not only the bride’s tastes, but also the setting. Everything they chose aligned the feel of their wedding and accentuated to feel they were going for with their day. Because of those choices we were able to get some stunning portraits of their bridal party in the setting sun. These two also trusted me completely to design a unique formal portrait experience that emulated the elegant feel of their day. Because of that we were able to get some of my favorite ever whimsical and romantic portraits of the two of them alone after their ceremony that I’ve ever taken. I would be hard pressed to choose just one favorite from that session.

Casi was such a stunning bride, she could have easily graced the cover of a bridal magazine as the poster woman for cold weather nuptials. Choosing a flowing gown that gently danced in the light winter breeze, she graced the halls of the Lord Jeffery Inn with poise. When she walked down the isle with her father, Chris couldn’t take his eyes off her, and in fact, he didn’t for the rest of the night. The two celebrated the night away with friends and family, listening to touching speeches, filled with both tears and laughter, followed by dancing. I couldn’t imagine a better day for this amazing couple.

Here are my favorites from their day!


Thank you both SO MUCH for having Christina and I! We had an amazing time photographing you both! CONGRATULATIONS!! 💗

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