In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...

In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...

Thanksgiving has a new meaning…

Before I had children Thanksgiving meant catching up with family members whom I haven’t had a chance to see, taste testing the eggnog for poising, and helping my mother fill her home with aromous scents that are reserved specifically for November of each year. All hands on deck to help I always prided myself on my owning my specific duties including (but not limited to!) appetizer preparation, keeping her wine glass full and fresh, and always keeping the humor at a constant and consistent level.

Like I said, that was before I had kids.

If Chevy Chase wanted to make a National Lampoon’s movie about Thanksgiving he’d easily be able to come to my house for some new material, which I would provide free of charge. This year I didn’t get to partake in the usual array of family gatherings that are colorful and animated. Instead our kids (as in plural) were both horribly sick with colds. As a last minute decision we thought it best not to venture out anywhere, but to stay home and let them rest and get better. A quiet thanksgiving at home. I’ll make a turkey, and maybe some mashed potatoes and gravy. We’ll make the best of it, but at least we will be together.

What REALLY happened is we had two screaming babies who refused to sleep and were so sick and tired they couldn’t help themselves. No amount of toys, games, electronic device, or even TV was helpful. There were only tears. (Some of them mine) After battling all day between naps, and the cold itself we were finally ready to eat dinner by about 5pm. Our turkey (AKA the only thing we had looked forward to all day since both kids had been screaming since dawn!) was cooked on the outside and frozen on the inside (even though it was purchased thawed). So immediately we went into panic mode, called anyone we could get a hold of to try and salvage the situation to no avail. In the end, we sent our turkey to its final resting place in the garbage. Our veggies had turned to complete mush while we were waiting for the turkey situation to be resolved so we didn’t even really have sides. By 8:30 both kids had finally gone to bed. I was sitting in our rocking chair (trying to figure out what had happened) and said ‘C’est la vie!’ and went to bed.  Who would have thought that two little children could turn a holiday upside down?!

Here is the culprit… looks nice and pretty, but its just a facade! TOTALLY raw in the middle.

Two days later the kids were feeling good enough to venture over to Nana’s for Thanksgiving re-do with my side of the family.The boys all got to play together and it also gave me time for a photo opt. Best of all, my mother made a delicious turkey with all the trimmings. Ironically hers was still frozen in the middle too! But she’s much better at damage control then I am. We both bought them together too. Hmmm…

Mom’s turkey! Look at that gravy!
Pie! Yum!
Frank the Tank!
My Godson, Aidan
Peyton and his cousins
Boys will be boys…

The next day was spent decorating the house for Christmas with our children and nephews, backyard snowflake chasing, and brother in-law ankle breaking. Poor guy wound up in a boot after he stepped funny! He had a good sense of humor about it though. Life’s always an adventure!

Peyton decorating!
Our Christmas tree!

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