In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...

In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...

Sara + Daniel | Married | Huntington, Massachusetts

Being able to photograph Sara + Dan’s wedding was such an honor for me. Years ago Sara was a student of mine at Chicopee Comp when I was teaching photography. She was always the kindest girl, with a positive attitude and always smiling. I was overjoyed when she reached out to tell me that she and Dan were engaged and they wanted to have me photograph their wedding.

Although their plans took an unexpected turn when COVID came, these two put together the sweetest and most adorable backyard wedding one could have thought up! It took place in Huntington, Massachusetts at her mother’s home. The landscaping was done so beautifully, with Dahlias in full bloom, and vibrant colors everywhere you turned. These two put together a beautiful backdrop to culminate their story, and it was perfect for their wedding day.

When these two suggested going down to the river and doing some photos with their feet in it, I was totally up for the adventure! It was a hot day, with a storm that happened earlier in the day, so the little dip in the creek felt amazing when stepping in. The steamy dew in the air made the perfect haze in the background, which was the perfect ending to a beautiful day!

Here are my favorites from their sweet wedding day!!

Thank you SO MUCH for having us!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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