In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...

In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...

Melissa + Sean | Married | The Ranch, Southwick, Massachusetts

Of the wonderful couples that I’ve had the opportunity to photograph over the years, Melissa + Sean were without a doubt some of the kindest and most genuine people I’ve been fortunate enough to work with. They were also a couple that I never physically met in person until their wedding day. I know I’ve said it before, but I love meeting with potential clients face to face. Meeting people on Skype or FaceTime is possible, yes, and it works when schedules don’t align, or when the clients live far away. Lucky for me, when I actually was able to meet these guys, they were even more amazing in person!

As I made my way to The Ranch and looked to the sky, I smiled and knew the light would be just perfect for them! I wanted to badly for this sweet couple to have a picture perfect day, and they absolutely got it!! As a person Melissa has a huge heart and is always smiling. She’s happy, bubbly, and so considerate of everyone around her by making sure they’re always taking care of. Her bride tribe was just as amazing, and it was easy to see how they are all friends. The girls were right there with the quick witted jokes, champagne, and had mad skill when it came to making a human shield so Sean wouldn’t see Melissa when he pulled in! (See bridal formals! hahaha!) Sean is a kind, and thoughtful man. When I finally got to meet him he and the guys were working with Kyle. I watched as he put his trust in Kyle during their guy portraits, and in that moment I felt so grateful for such amazing clients in him and Melissa for placing their complete trust in us to document their day in a thoughtful and creative way. Doing so resulted in such a wonderful collection that left me beaming with pride come collection delivery day.

Sean’s relaxed nature all came crumbling down when he saw Melissa walk down the isle with her parents. Maybe it was how amazing she looked in her lace gown, the light in her eyes, or the smile on her face, but Sean. Was. Speechless. Before their family and friends they exchanged vows and made it official in a ceremony filled with laughter and happiness by this beautiful couple and all their guests. These two love birds celebrated the evening in true Ranch style, while a lovely breeze moved softly through the barn on this warm summer evening.Each of them shared in a special dance with their parents, where there wasn’t a dry eye left in the house. Always putting family first it was very important to Melissa + Sean that they take the time to individually greet their guests. As they made their way to all the tables there were so many laughs, quick selfies, loving hugs, and well wishes. As the celebration went into the night we felt so grateful for such a wonderful couple to work with.

In all honesty – there wasn’t a thing I would change about their day. It was without a doubt – absolutely perfect! Here are my favorites from their amazing wedding day!

You two were such a joy to work with! Thank you so much for having me as your photographer!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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