In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...

In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...

Kristen + Mike’s Vermont Mountain Top Inn & Resort Destination Wedding

These two. What could I POSSIBLY say?! Well, to start, they are two of the most fun loving people I’ve ever met. Ever. They are sweet, funny, and have hearts of gold that are light as a feather. You may remember their sunrise Spark Session at Quabbin Reservoir I did last spring? Well if not, you need to check it out here. GEORG!

I still remember the moment I met these two. Its very vivid in my mind. I was at my booth at the Springfield Bridal Expo, and Kyle and I had been chatting with couples all day. Then these two came up. They asked ‘Do you travel?’ (One of my favorite questions) I knew we were meant to be. As Kristen started to explain their wedding plans and even pulled out her phone to show me photos of the location they were getting married I was IMMEDIATELY in love. I knew these were my people. Another reason I knew was because Mike was wearing a Carhartt jacket. Have I mentioned my family are custom builders and that Carhartt is basically the standard dress code and uniform for them? Yeah. My people.

After Kyle and I made our way up north and of course stopped for Panera once we got to civilization, our jaws pretty much dropped once we reached the location. We were going to be photographing on the most serene of beach sand shores, against a watercolor sky backdrop of some of the most serene colors which were equally reflected on the water. There were so many amazing places to photograph, I couldn’t contain myself. I was in photographer heaven. There was no place off limits, and there were never two people who had more trust for me with creating their visual love story. Since these two seemed to have photography as their second priority (Location of course was first – but can you BLAME them?!) I felt a great responsibility to take advantage of as much of the location as possible. And did I mention, their beautiful pup Sage was even able to join us for part of their wedding portraits?!

Kristen and I have very similar tastes. Her elegant yet rustic choices highlighted the space and the natural elements of the property perfectly. As the sun set, these two said their vows among friends and laughter with the stunning view of the mountains in the distance. Once we entered the reception room I am almost certain each guest stopped at the door to gaze in awe about the romantically decorated space. It was everything you’d expect a Vermont wedding to be. From white birch tree bases for candles, with silver pillar candle holders, fresh tulips, and hydrangeas, the space was done to the nines, enough to make Marta Stewart be put to shame. Top that off with beautiful uplighting from Absolute Entertainment, some sparks in the dark, and this visual love story is complete.

Here are my favorites – although there are maybe 1000 more – from their fantastic day.


I am so greatiful to have met you both, and know that your future is going to be amazing. I can’t wait to see your life and love story unfold. I am even happier that because of this experience I have gained two new incredible friends in my life. Congratulations to you both! xoxoxoxo

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