In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...

In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...

Graciela + Michael | Married

Love never ceases to amaze me in who it brings together. Each couple I meet is as wonderful as the next – each complete with their own memories and stories that have formed them as individuals and as a couple. Being able to display that connection using my camera is a responsibility I will always feel honored to have.

Graciela and Michael are two people who in their quiet way love one another completely, and without hesitation. As individuals they each are proud of their heritages and celebrate one another’s individuality in the sweetest most sincere way. Their kindness and trust in me as a photographer allowed me to create images for them that will tell their story for generations.

Here are my favorites from their lovely Hadley, Massachusetts wedding.


2014-12-09_0003 2014-12-09_0004 2014-12-09_0005 2014-12-09_0006 2014-12-09_0007 2014-12-09_0009 2014-12-09_0008 2014-12-09_0010 2014-12-09_0001 2014-12-09_0002 2014-12-09_0011 2014-12-09_0012 2014-12-09_0013 2014-12-09_0014 2014-12-09_0015 2014-12-09_0016 2014-12-09_0017 2014-12-09_0018 2014-12-09_0019 2014-12-09_0021 2014-12-09_0022 2014-12-09_0024 2014-12-09_0023 2014-12-09_0025 2014-12-09_0026 2014-12-09_0028 2014-12-09_0027 2014-12-09_0029 2014-12-09_0031 2014-12-09_0030 2014-12-09_0032 2014-12-09_0033

Congratulations to two beautiful hearts! Here’s to a lifetime of love and happiness! 🙂

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