In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...

In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...

Day 4 – Magic Kingdom

So after much prep to try and get out the door (on our part) we arrived to our first event of this Disney adventure. We had a character breakfast planned with Lilo, Stitch, Pluto, and the man himself, Mickey Mouse. We also got the change to spend a little birthday time with our good friend Ivey, who has showed me just how precious life, family, and birthdays are.

Make a wish, make it count!
Happy Birthday Ivey!
Complete with Mickey Mouse sprinkles! I didn’t even notice until Ivey said something.

We watched all the characters walk around to each table we waited patiently for our turn.  Then finally it had arrived. The moment we had been waiting for for months. Peyton was about to meet Mickey Mouse face-to-face for the very first time. I got myself in position, focused my camera and waited for his reaction. Little did I know the reaction I had hope for of happiness and joy turned out to him be having a full on coughing fit. Right there in front of Mickey Mouse Peyton was hacking away. It wasn’t even a real cough either. It was a fake cough. I stood there mortified and could not believe it. So instead, I kinda laughed, encouraged him to stop, and snapped away. It actually was pretty funny.

Hack it up kid!
So after two poopie diapers, two outfit changes, to complete meltdowns, and paying the bill we made our way to the monorail. It was finally time to get into the Magic Kingdom. Once we got in I realized that I had forgotten to buy tickets to get in the park, so there we waited in between security the main entrance for an hour and 15 minutes while my saint husband went and bought our tickets. (Oops! My bad!) After that was taken care of things were great. We had lunch, we walked around, we saw Cinderella’s castle. It was Eric’s first time to Disney World.  Soon after Peyton got to go on his very first ride; The teacups. It was so cool to see. He really did have a great time.

Family photo!
I love all the details on things here
No nap for me!
But my sister wants one!

After great day at Epcot it was time for a no kids allowed dinner. We were so excited to go out with our friends and enjoy a nice meal. We went to Nacrossee’s at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. What a beautiful place. It was an octagon shaped room that overlooked the lake. We got to watch the fireworks over a delectable dinner, enjoy delicious desserts, great conversations, lots of laughs, and just a great evening. Except when we were leaving – it was frigid so we power walked through the entire resort to get to the car! lol!

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