In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...

In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...

Amanda + Matthew | Married | Worcester, Massachusetts

This year marks my 10th year of being first a Photography instructor, and now Design & Visual Communications instructor. In those 10 years I’ve been fortunate to have met so many wonderful students, and their families. I always thought that at some point I would have a former student come to me and ask me to photograph their wedding. At the time I felt strange about it. Would I really want to? Would it be strange? But then I would think ‘Who am I kidding! It would be amazing!’ It was in the back of my mind, and as my business has started to grow, so did that possibility.

Amanda was one of my students that I had at Chicopee High School. She was sweet, loved the arts, and would always say hello to me in the halls even after she’d left my class. She LOVED photography and wanted to be sure that whomever she chose was the right person. We had been friends on facebook after she graduated. I would see her posts, and be so happy for her that her life was changing in the most wonderful ways. From when she met Matt, to when she graduated college, and when their beautiful Lilly was born, I feel in many ways social media has allowed me to be a part of her life even though she had left Chicopee High School. Matt is by all means the perfect man for her. He is an amazing father, has a gentle demeanor, and adores Amanda with all his heart.

Amanda got in touch with me about the wedding, and of course the honor was all mine. I couldn’t have been more excited. She explained that they had planned a backyard wedding with a rustic and whimsical theme. It sounded perfect to me. Many of the touches were created by Amanda. The napkins were hand sewn, and the plates and silverware were from the Meyerdierks family kitchen. Those intimate choices made all guests feel relaxed and comfortable for the evening’s festivities.

It brings a new level of happiness to me as a photographer and her former teacher to be able to see my own photos posted online as part of her life story, and that all her family and friends also get to appreciate it. Here are my favorites from their beautiful backyard wedding!

I couldn’t be happier for you two! Thank you for giving me the honor of being your photographer! You’re a beautiful family! 🙂

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