In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...

In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...

Rigby Christopher | Newborn | East Longmeadow, Massachusetts

For me there is something special about doing newborn work. Perhaps it’s because I remember what it was like for me when I brought home each of my children. The anticipation and planning of everything, then the arrival, then you go home, and BAM! It’s a whole new life. When a client asks me to document the first few days in their child’s life, I believe I have an incredible responsibility the them. These first days they are changing so rapidly and you will never get the time back again. I feel blessed that my clients welcome me into their homes during such a time of adjustment and acclimation. I can honestly say that after each shoot I leave feeling more like ‘cousin Trish’ than the ‘Trish the Photographer’. It’s an amazing feeling.

As a Photography and Design instructor, I’ve had a lot of wonderful opportunities to meet some talented individuals, among them being John. When he told me that he and Alison were going to be having a baby I was so excited for them. When they told me they were going to keep it a surprise I was even MORE excited for them. I don’t have the restraint to NOT know, so those of you who have done it, BRAVO! What a wonderful surprise to receive and experience to have on the birthday of your first child.

When They asked me if I would be able to do a newborn shoot for them, I was of course honored and excited. They have a beautiful start and are surrounded by their loving family, and TOTALLY AWESOME pup Harper. (We are kindred by the way…)

Here are my favorites from their fun and music inspired session!

2014-03-06_00022014-03-06_00012014-03-06_00032014-03-06_00042014-03-06_00052014-03-06_00062014-03-06_00072014-03-06_00082014-03-06_00092014-03-06_00102014-03-06_00112014-03-06_00122014-03-06_00132014-03-06_00142014-03-06_00152014-03-06_00162014-03-06_00172014-03-06_0018That last one seriously cracks me up…

Thank you for inviting me into your home to photograph your beautiful family! You’re off to a wonderful start together!! xoxo 🙂


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