In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...

In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...

Kelli + Justin | Engaged | South Hadley, Massachusetts

Justin and Kelli met by chance a few years ago in Las Vegas. Kelli is a nurse in the Air Force and lives in there, and Justin is a Marine who lives in California. Its not everyday a couple comes along that has a love story so EPIC you can barely contain yourself. Don’t misunderstand my enthusiasm for this couple in particular  – because I love all my couples, and their love stories. However, Justin + Kelli’s story stopped my in my tracks when I first heard it. Im pretty certain it will do the same to you!

From what I’ve been told, Kelli was on a date one night, and it was going TERRIBLY bad. Justin who had come to Vegas to visit some friends, and noticed that. So being the gentleman that he is, he couldn’t stand to see Kelli  came to her rescue, and the rest is history! The part of their story that is COMPLETELY crazy? The fact that he grew up in Chicopee, and she grew up in Holyoke! Can someone tell me… WHAT ARE THE ODDS?! These two military individuals who met by chance, could both be from the same small area of western Massachusetts?!

The universe ALWAYS has a plan. Always.

I’ve wanted to blog this session for the longest time,  and it brings my great joy to share my favorites from Justin + Kelli’s Spark Session.


Your wedding is going to be amazing!! I can’t WAIT!!!



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