In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...

In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...

Karen and Johnny

I’ve known Karen for about 4 or 5 years now. I can’t tell you how happy I was to hear that she’d re-connected with someone she knew in high school and had dated her freshman year! They each had been married, had families, but found one another again. It was obviously meant to be. Between the two of them they have five, YES FIVE, daughters. Johnny – I know I’ve said it a few times – but you really are my hero. I hope you can enjoy looking at these as much as I did taking them.


Its go time!

Awee! Loved this moment…

Gifts for the girls!

WAIT! MY CAR IS GETTING TICKETED! No, it really was! ‘Take 5 people! Lets move the cars!’ LOL! As you can tell, their daughters have fun energetic personalities and are probably the biggest hams I’ve ever photographed. Ever. Legit. No lie.

How can anyone look at this photo and NOT smile?!

I laugh out loud whenever I look at these. You girls are a riot!

I would love to know what you said to him… 🙂

Simply romantic… (sigh…)
I LOVE the light here. Simply beautiful.


Cake, and Karen and Johnny in the background.

Food was awesome!

PHOTO BOMB! Thanks ladies for educating me on that term. I feel very hip and modern now. 🙂


Karen – no bride has ever smiled more. Thank you both for giving me the great responsibility of photographing your amazing day. xoxo

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