In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...

In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...

Desiree + Jose’s Spark Session

When Desiree contacted me in June she had told me that her wedding was coming up in August. I couldn’t believe how quick to was coming! If I remember properly, her emoji looked something like this:


That made me laugh right from the get go! I had a feeling we’d work just fine together.

I was lucky  enough to be available for her wedding date, and even with all the busy planning she and Jose had to do I wouldn’t let their wedding creep up without a Spark session. We were able to coordinate a nice evening at Quabbin, in one of my most favorite locations. Photographing Desiree, Jose, and their children brought joy to my heart and gave me an insight into what a wonderful couple these two are.

Here are my favorites from their session!


You guys have such a beautiful family. Thank you for making the trip to Belchertown! It was a great night! 🙂

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