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Writing and Images from the heart...

In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...

Danielle + Roger’s Backyard Wedding

One of my favorite wedding styles to photograph is most definitely a backyard wedding. Maybe it’s because the space usually tells a narrative about the people getting married. Maybe its because when I enter someone’s home and see photos of their lives that have no doubt been there for years I feel as though I am visiting a family member. The way the couple interacts in the space is always different as well – more connected to the home, to the memories, and to the people and objects in it.

I’ve been fortunate to photograph a number of backyard weddings, and each love story is told in a new and exciting way. What makes this story so personal is the fact that my student, turned babysitter, turned practically extended family – Olivia (or, our Liv as we call her) – her father is the groom. When Danielle contacted me and asked if we could meet to discuss wedding photography I found myself enthralled in the plans. It was exciting for me to help her hammer out ideas about decorations, and where to place things. Although in the end I can’t take any credit – Every single thought came from Danielle’s creative mind, and Roger’s power tools. It was just an honor to be included in the process with these two.

Here are my favorites from their beautifully sunny backyard wedding!


Through the moments of laughter, and relaxed setting, I truly enjoyed photographing this memorable day. Congratulations to you both Danielle and Roger, as well as your wonderful families! 🙂

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