In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...

In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...

Caitlin + Andy | Married | Gedney Farm, New Marlborough, Massachusetts

When I first met Caitlin + Andy, it was at the Springfield Bridal Expo at the Big E. I knew that their laid back vibe would match perfectly with my style, and after they told me about their venue and location I pretty much melted on the spot. In fact, their wedding was SO beautiful, that it was published exclusively on Crazy Beautiful Weddings! Check out the publication here.

These two had so many stunning touches to their wedding, which really made the day that much more cozy. Their personal style was very present in every touch that you could feel their personalities when you were welcomed into the farm. There was an abundance of laughter and joy surrounding them, its almost as if these two families have known each other forever.

One of the most memorable moments from their day was Caitlin’s first look with her father. He stood waiting for her in full military dress, and it made me think about how many places he’s seen, adventures he’s had, or times he has waited. Today he waits for her. It was very touching.  I was equally touched when she and Andy had their first look just minutes later. To see the transition that Caitlin made first from seeing her father, and then seeing her betrothed- it was very emotional, but incredibly perfect.

Couple that with the warmest and most beautiful December day I have ever seen, and you have the most perfect combination for an amazing wedding day.

Here are my favorites from their amazing wedding day!






I want to send my sincerest condolences to the Lempke family on the great loss of their Babcia. I am so happy I could be there photograph her, and get her smiling. I am sending all you my love during this difficult time.

I also want to thank you (Caitlin + Andy) and your families from the bottom of my heart for having me as your wedding photographer. It was an amazing day. I wish you every bit of happiness possible.  xoxoxo

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