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Writing and Images from the heart...

In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...

Beth + Kyle’s Oak Ridge Golf Club Nuptials

As some of you may know, I married a hockey guy. Ever since we met – hockey this and Bruins that. I am not the biggest fan, but when you’re in a relationship you accept that you don’t always have the exact same interests, and you encourage your partner in all they do. As time moved on in my marriage I became a Bruins fan – I love Chara – and now I enjoy watching the games with my husband. Just in time too because our son just started to play this year.

Anyway, back to Beth and Kyle. These two are big hockey people. You may remember their Spark Session at the Olympia Ice Rink? Such a blast! Needless to say I have been looking forward to photographing for a fellow hockey couple for quite a while! Add in their fun loving personalities, amazing family and bridal party, and you have a recipe for an  amazingly fun wedding. Their personalities radiated at their wedding, from the monogramed accents to their Instagram hashtag, guests were given full opportunity to celebrate along with them at their reception and into cyber space. The carefully crafted centerpieces Beth created were filled with the most delicate LED lights and made to look like fireflies. This gave their guests the feel of being on a warm fall evening. Although the rain came down with a passion, there was no ruffling this bride and groom’s feathers.  This couple had smiles ear to ear all day, which provided enough sunlight to last the entire day!

Here are my favorites from their Oakridge Country Club wedding!



Congratulations to my hockey buds! I’ll see you guys at the Olympia when the kids play each other in Hockey!! 🙂

Love to you both and all the best in a well deserved happy life and future together! xoxoxoxo

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