In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...

In My Own Words

Writing and Images from the heart...

Andrea + Patrick | Engaged | Amherst, Massachusetts

I first met Andrea and her family when she was in middle school. My family had the great honor of building their home, and along the way we got to know one another’s families quite well. When the time came for Eric and I to build our house, it just so happens we decided to build just across the street from them. Nearly 10 years later, here we are! We have adored having them as neighbors, and on warm nights often stand outside in one another’s driveways shooting the breeze, and having some laughs. When we first had children, Andrea’s mom, Debbie, would often take my son over to play in the backyard, go for a swim, or just walk around and smell the flowers. Being a new mom, those brief breaks that she was able to offer me were amazing. To just take a shower and not have to worry he was getting into something, or to run a quick errand, I was beyond grateful.

As you can tell, the friendship we have made with their family is so dear to all of us. So when Andrea became engaged I of course was over the moon with excitement for them and their entire family. Both Andrea and Patrick are soft spoken and kind. They are gentle, and thoughtful, and when you see them together you see that they are obviously meant to be!

These two had previously done an engagement session with another photographer, but when they decided to move forward with me as their wedding photographer I felt it necessary to work with them on a Spark Session so I could get a feel for them in front of the camera. I encouraged them to bring their adorable new pup, and the rest is history!

We decided to go with a sunrise shoot for their session. These guys are naturally morning people, which was perfect. Im up so early everyday anyway, but I can never get clients to get up with me! Im so glad these guys agreed because shooting at that time offered us some of the most beautiful scenes. From the soft morning sun, and the mysterious fog, we captured some amazing images that I am just in love with. Each frame was more romantic than the last, and their love for their sweet girl is evident in every image.

Here are my favorites from their beautiful session!

I can’t wait for your wedding! Its going to be amazing!!!

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